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5 years 2 weeks ago #1671 by Claude Michaud

Some improvements would be interesting:

1) Allow to write a select query, in place to just choose a table or view. I suppose the code that searchs the columns would have to replace, no more reading the catalog, but using the select query to read a result set with no record (set a "where 0" after the sql or an "AND 0") and read the columns properties from the resultset. This would give a really greater flexibility.

2) The use of only one data to search in all columns is sometimes not very usefull. I would suggest to be able to mark some of the columns to be searchable and, in this case, to build the form with a text field for each column, this would allow finer search.

3) May be another solution, the possibility to construct manually the search form, and have the possibility the search data to be inserted in the data query...

4) It also would be fine if we could specify for each column, the data alignment in the table cell (right, center, left, top, middle, bottom) without having to work in the CSS.

You already have a very nice product,improving it, will be fantastic!

Claude Michaud

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5 years 5 days ago #1677 by tomaz

Thank you for the suggestions. We will consider them in our future work.

Regarding the second suggestion. The exact feature as you described is already available. Check out the 'Use Advanced Filters' option in the 'Search Form' section in the backend.

How about posting a review on JED? Table JX , Card View JX , Paid Downloads JX

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