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link to community builder profile

6 years 8 months ago #611 by rbolivar
Hi all,

I am showing a list of the users a a website.

Is there a way to add a link to each table record to the corresponding community builder profile?

The community builder profile URL looks lole this:

...where bClansy is the username


when a query is running I see a message LOADING and a RED cross, meaning its trying to load an image that never appears, how do I get read of the LOADING message


The first row of my table is empty, because is showing the admin user. Is there a way to filter the super administrator so it doesnt show?

Please provide actual queries, I am not a programmer, thanks!


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6 years 8 months ago #616 by viljem

Table JX has the ability to link to some other content (URL, Article, ...) If you have e.g. 1000 users it is very hard to write a link to each profile. For that situation you can create SQL view and display this with TableJX. SQL has the ability to work with string so you can easily "concatenate" part of the url with user name, so at the end you will have a link for each user. If you need help to write SQL view, send us mail with details, we will try to help.

To filter out superadmin: if you are presenting jos_users (standard joomla table for users) you can write in WHERE section:
usertype <> 'Super Administrator'

Best regards,

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